Ai Hashimoto's art work is based on her narratives and rituals.  
She would like to create a link between abstract spiritual realities and the real forms of the material world just like Surrealists through her art works. 
Additionally her academic background of Anthropology prior to Fine Arts has deep impact and influence on her works.
The main theme of her art works for several years is about her narrative called "Pink Tsunami" and its subsequent world - "Kinoko". The real tsunami in Japan was grafted onto the memories of many. She pushes the consequences of the deluge a little further. "Kinoko" is a creature with a mushroom head and it brings new life and new landscape in the post apocalyptic world after the “Pink Tsunami” disaster. 
She creates, piece by piece, her own post-tsunami-world with different media. Her works show a potential reconstruction after the worst catastrophe imaginable. 
Ai lives and works in The Hague, NL. ​​​​​​​
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