Bronze with Japanese coloring techniques 10x10x10 cm
These works are collaboration with a master of coloring bronze and copper wares in Japan. A color of bronze is depending on type of metals and components of alloy, polishing levels and coloring techniques. Colors from Japan-specific techniques are totally unique.
Unlikely paintings and frescos, metal objects were less paid attention regarding colors. However masters of coloring bronze and copper wares in Japan have a variety of coloring techniques and methods, which were inherited from ancient times and originally developed. In Europe, coloring bronze generally apply spraying or painting on surface of products. Colors from Japan-specific techniques are totally different. It is difficult to find such masters even in Japan though, they understand in a sensitive way how to adjust components of solution or timing of heating up on the basis of weather, humidity, components of alloy, polished levels. A point worthy of special mention is that Japanese masters often use local ingredients, which are closely related to Japanese lifestyle such as a green tea, grated radishes, sake, rice bran, soured plums and of course URUSHI - Japanese natural lacquer, for coloring.








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